Tachyon Affiliate Program Tour

ATTI recognizes that we do not have the time or the expertise to advertise through all the available channels. What we do have is, in our opinion, the most valuable product on the planet, as well as the joy to be working with some of the best people on the planet! People that are changing the world.
If you're one of them, I know that we are not the only ones that recognize and trust in you. Many of you have been buying from us since the early 1990's. So we have chosen to invest in you! Imagine, every avenue, now open for your exploration and sharing. We all have our gifts! One of mine is in developing Tachyon tools that change the world. You are gifted in other ways. Together we can change the world for our children's children!

Commissions start at 10% and adjust up to 25% every month, automatically.

To see how easy the system is to use, watch this very short video.

Big or small, we are all living in a technological world integrated into our lives. Here is how one 75 year old great grandma is doing it....

She spends two to three hours a day playing on a global game platform called Pogo. She chats with other online members every day. Different people, every day. And every day, they ask the same questions.
"How are you?"..... "Oh, my arthritis is 99% gone because of this Panther Juice stuff my friend turned me onto," she responds.
"Panther Juice? What's that?" is almost always the response. At which point she pastes the link with her affiliate code built in and says,: "Here, check it out" And they continue on talking and playing;

We all live in a world where we can help another human being. 

That's it! It could be that easy for you too.
You share Tachyon, your friends and associates benefit, and we send you money!